AWN Warranty

AWN Warranty

AWN has an extended warranty product to suit your coverage requirements and budget.

AWN Extended Warranty products are only available to be purchased through our 3000 selected authorised Agents; Motor Dealerships, Marine Dealerships, Motorbike Dealerships, Caravan Dealerships, Motorhome Dealerships, and Finance Brokers throughout Australia. Prior to purchasing an AWN warranty from one of our agents, please ensure you read and understand the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). A PDS contains all of the information you require to make an informed decision whether the warranty you are considering is the right warranty product for you.

Roadside Assistance, Australia wide coverage.

Everyone likes a safety net. With AWN Roadside Assistance, you can have the confidence that comes with a comprehensive 24 hour / 7 days a week Roadside Assistance cover.

Download the AWN Roadside Assistance App

Simply download it from one of the following providers:

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Search for AWN Roadside Assist in your apple app store.

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Search for AWN Roadside Assist in your android app store.

Important Information
Please note, you can register your AWN Roadside Assistance membership in the free AWN Roadside App 30 days after you have purchased AWN Roadside Assistance. This does not affect your ability to make a claim. The AWN Roadside Assistance App is free to download on your smartphone device. However, your mobile network provider may charge you for using data to download the app onto your phone. You should contact your provider to find out more about data rates, or refer to your mobile phone plan.