Christmas Camping

Murray River

Australian Summer

Christmas Camping in Australia is something that most people have experienced.

But with temperatures reaching 40° and higher, is it really enjoyable?

We look at the best ways to keep cool during your summer camping holiday.

1. The 12 volt Fan

Popular with camper trailer or tent owners this simple yet important device can help give you that reprieve you are after in the hot summer heat.

Adventure Kings 2in1 LED Light & Fan

2. Misting Fans

Cheap but effective. This is a must for the summer holiday, providing a nice cool breeze along with a fresh burst of water.

Mini Hand held Portable Manual Fan

3. The River or Lake

By far the most enjoyable way to keep cool. taking a swim in a river or lake with the family is what summer camping is all about.

Murray River

4. Water

Take plenty of water, water is vital when camping, not only to drink, but to shower, wash up the dishes…..


5. Shade

Find Shade, no better way to keep cool is to find shade. But this comes with risks, always make sure you stay away from limbs that could fall. Always look up before you pitch your tent.


We will continue to camp over the Christmas break in 40 plus degree temperatures, new toys will pop up every year to help keep us cool, but lets face it, that’s not why we do?

Its that feeling we get when we can forget the day to day hassles of the life, and just relax with family and friends.

We reflect on the year that has just past, and look forward to the next year.

So weather you have a tent, Camping Trailer or lucky enough to have a caravan with Air conditioning, its the experience we love, and one that will last a life time