120W Solar Panel


These solar panels deliver top efficiency and are built for long term use. Ideal for Aussie camping and environmentally friendly.

By using these easy to carry and store 120W folding solar panels you can power an average of 30.51 Amps per day. Complete with a controller and Anderson plug adapter.

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Great for:

  • Caravans or Camper Trailers running around 6 12v appliances.
  • Some campsites disallow loud generators, making silent solar panels a great item to have on hand.
  • Having solar panels to compliment and even recharge a dead car battery could be a lifesaver!

Built In Controller

Installed with your solar panels is a controller with indicator LEDs, indicating the capacity being used and the status of power flow.

Anderson Plug Ready

Our Firefly Solar Panels come terminated with an Anderson plug connection, ready to be plugged into your caravan or camper trailer. Including an Anderson plug to alligator clip adaptor, you’ll be able to connect it to your car battery.

Easy To Carry

Coming with an easy carry bag, with storage pocket, you’ll be able to easily carry your solar panels and keep them safely stored with any bits and pieces.

Best Performance Tips:

We recommend positioning the surface of your Solar Panel so that it is in direct contact with sunlight for the best possible performance. Meaning that the flat surface is facing up to the sun directly and not standing upright where it could face more shade. Typically, this means your panels are facing north at a 45° angle.

What can I power with a 120W Solar Panel Kit?

This table represents a possible scenario for what configuration of appliances you could power on your next camping trip with Firefly 120W Solar Panels.


  • Max Rated Power: 120w
  • Size: 840mm X 550mm X90mm
  • Max Voltage: 18v
  • Max Current: 6.67A
  • Open Circuit Voltage: 22.32V
  • Short-Circuit Current:7.20A
  • Travel Bag included