Crusader Caravans Build Quality Part I

Crusader Caravans

Crusader Caravans Roof Heat test

Crusader incorporates a thick composite roof and floor into the construction of each 2017 model caravan.

Composite construction is the process of joining a number of layers of material together and creating a strong and reliable component designed to cope with movement stress, climatic conditions and general usage.


We engage in extensive research and development to design and manufacture innovative and quality caravans using the latest materials available, already proven in similar applications.

We take feedback from our dealers and customers, our own experience from many years in the caravan industry also counts for much and our engineers and designers collaborate to ensure that all of our caravans will more than tolerate expected road and climatic conditions and be fully compliant to Government safety and design regulations.


Crusader Caravans has a dedicated team of designers ready to assist our customers to bring life to their desired caravan.

Offering the latest in colours, design strategies, product development, accessories and even legislatively advancements, Crusader Caravans can offer a wide choice of models, variations, options and accessories for even the most discerning customer. 

Model designs are developed on CAD Computer Aided Design systems and information gathered from the three dimensional images are analysed for optimum efficiency and are formulated into the final caravan designs for prototype construction and testing.


The floor is a vital aspect of Crusaders construction processes as it supports the walls which in turn support the roof so together, they form a flexible load sharing structure aligned perfectly to ensure that all internal fittings such as cabinets and windows fit perfectly into pre designed locations.

Our floor is thick, 42mm thick in fact and comprises a top layer of industrial strength vinyl on a one piece plywood board then a massive 30mm of high density polystyrene foam insulation and lastly a skin of hard wearing fibreglass which acts as a shield against road debris, mud and other substances. 

The fibreglass underbody skin and the high density foam act as a reliable insulator against cold or heat creep from the ground, depending where you are parked and this makes for more comfortable caravan living.


Complementing the floor, the roof is also of a composite one piece design without joins, 30mm thick and incorporates the same high density polystyrene foam for greater protection against the weather. 

The fibreglass top skin offers additional protection against hail and other debris such as small branches, in fact, the roof is strong enough to walk on. 

The one piece roof actually extends from the top of the front checker plate, up and over then down to the bottom checker plate on the back wall.

You can’t get any more “one piece” than that.

Information provided by Crusader Caravans