Choosing the right caravan or camper.

When looking for a caravan or camper , weather it's your first or second, etc... its important to choose wisely.

I have sold many a caravan, camper and motorhome in the past, and the one thing I always advise my customers is this, buy what you want to buy, you dont need me or any other sales person to convince you that "this is the van for you" your smarter then that.

In this industry, I beleive it is more important to build a relationship with you customer during the process rather then building one after you make the purchase, Why you ask, this gives both you, the customer, and me the sales person confidence that you are making the right decision.

I would prefer to hear from my clients 3 months or 6 months down the trac with.positive stories and that they love their new van over , "I think we made the wrong choice".

What's the right van for me?

That's easy, what ever you feel comfortable with! I have always said, when you walk into a van, you will know, you don't need me to convince you.

I always my customers to make a list,

For example:

  • Budget

  • Type of camper you are (free camper, caravan parks)

  • Off road or on road

  • Long term or short term

  • Size

  • What vehicle you have or looking at.

Much like when you go grocery shopping, having a list can stop you buying the wrong type of sugar, buying a van is much the same.

New or Used?

Well, that's up to you really, there are plenty of great used vans out there, it is really a personal choice

You always have the benefit of a factory warranty when buying new.

But buying a used can be just as rewarding, but there is always that chance that somthing could go wrong.

Who to trust?

In short, YOURSELF, you are the best judge of that, but there are some pointers I can give.

  • A Well known brand

  • Authorized dealer

  • RVMAP accredited manafacture

At the end of the day, I do this job for a few reasons,

1. I love making people's dreams come true.

2. I love caravaning and camping.

3. The feeling I get when I make somebody's day I something I always remember.

So weather you purchase from me or John Dough from down the road, All I want is for you to be comfortable in the van for you, because at the of the day, it's your money.

Daniel Verbaan

Houlihan's caravans and rv centre

605 Ebden st, Albury, NSW.

1300 720 197

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