Crusader Build process

Our manufacturing facility in Epping

ensures our manufacturing processes are state

of the art. Each model is extensively researched

and developed by our Design and Engineering

Department who continually strive to innovate.

Our Crusader model range is the perfect

example, featuring our unique composite fully

insulated floor system with underbody road

protection and our one piece composite, hail

resistant roof on a tough DURATECH box steel


Research and development

Research and development Extensive research and development goes into designing innovative and quality caravans. We take feedback from our dealers and customers and our own experience from many years in the caravan industry also counts towards ensuring that our caravans will more than tolerate expected road and climatic conditions and be fully compliant to Government safety and design regulations.

The latest in CAD technology

Crusader Caravans has a dedicated team of designers ready to assist our customers in bringing life to their dreams. We can offer a wide choice of models, variations, options and accessories for even the most discerning customer. Model designs are developed on CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems and the three dimensional images create designs for prototype construction.

Computerised cutting technology

There are numerous stages of production from the chassis arriving, body construction, electrical fit out, cladding and roofing, furniture fit out, general finish, cleaning and QA. The section leaders and their teams are focused on their roles and team meetings are held daily, everyone is encouraged to be involved in our ongoing program of constant improvement

The roof is a composite one piece design without joins, 30mm thick with high density polystyrene foam for greater protection against the weather. The fibreglass top skin offers protection against hail and other debris. The one piece roof actually extends from the front checkerplate and over to the rear checkerplate. You can’t get any more “one piece” than that.

Composite one piece floors

The 42mm thick floor supports the walls which then support the roof, forming a flexible load sharing structure aligned so that all cabinets and windows fit perfectly. The one piece ply board overlays dense polystyrene insulation and underneath there is a skin of fibreglass which acts as a shield against road debris and temperature creep from the ground.

Duratech box steel chassis

Our ”Duratech” chassis are manufactured in Australia from Australian steel and incorporate box steel rails, not C sections as commonly offered. When the thick composite floor and roof are taken into account, our caravans, whilst stronger than before, are lighter than ever and meet all compliance criteria

Quality fixtures and fittings

We only use quality fittings and fixtures from reputable suppliers to the caravan industry. Each appliance is tested for caravan usage remembering that caravans, unlike the average home, move along all types of roads and in all sorts of conditions. We ensue that everything in our caravans is of the highest quality.

Strong and tough

Your caravan takes a beating out on the road, it flexes as it rides the bumps, stresses with

acceleration and braking and expands or contracts with temperature. We design our caravans to cope with all this year after year.

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