Do I need Lithium batteries for my caravan?

Its a question I get asked with every sale I do.

Over the last few years I have seen the price drop for a standard Lithium battery setup dramatically, but in saying that, they are still expensive.

But technology has also changed, Years ago, you needed a special charger to be able to charge the lithium batteries, but now there are simple plug and play lithium batteries, where you simply swap out your old AGM or Lead crystal battery for a Lithium battery

But the question still remains, "Do I need Lithium for the type of camping I do?" Well, that's the dilemma many new caravaners face.

I would suggest that before you make any decision, first find out how Lithium differs to a standard battery.

There are thousands of articles giving you the pros and cons of Lithium vs AGM/Lead Acid.

But in my opinion, it really only comes down to price, the pros for Lithium far outweigh that of AGM and Lead Acid, its weather you can afford it.

Here is a great article by Marty Ledwich that featured in the RV daily magazine.

A descent battery management set up costs about $5,000. lets take Redarc for example, this is what Marty has in his setup.

If you order a new Network RV Caravan from us, the upgrade price is as follows.

Upgrade to Redarc BMS1230S2 MANAGER 30 SYSTEM - $2700

Upgrade to Lithium battery from standard - $990

Extra Lithium Battery - $1270

Total - $4960

This system will give the option to camp for an indefinite amount of time, as long as you have sun, but we do live in Australia, so that's a given.

Compare this to the standard set up you get in a Terrain Tuff model.

You get 2 x 170w Solar panels, 2 x 100amp Batteries, we have these on display all day, with all lights, stereo and fans going, as long as we have sun, we do not have any issues.

So my thoughts on the whole lithium vs AGM/Lead acid? If you can afford it, then do it, if you not planning on doing loads of free camping, then spend that money elsewhere in your van.

Daniel Verbaan

Houlihans Caravan & RV Centre

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