Introducing Willow RV

Houlihans Caravan and RV Centre are proud to announce we will be dealers for Willow RV.

Willow RV Background

Willow RV crafts campers and caravans that satisfy our customers needs and enhance their lifestyle for many years to come. We are a 100% Australian owned company, located in Pakenham, Victoria, and wherever possible we support the national manufacturing industry by using local products.

The Willow RV brand is backed by 45 years of combined experience in the research, development and production of recreation vehicles. We are committed to delivering RV’s to the highest quality standards, built for Australian conditions using the latest manufacturing and design techniques.

Design & Manufacturing RV products that satisfy the life style of the Australian user and offering the nationwide product support. Our entire range is compliant with all Australian Design standards and regulations, as well as industry guidelines


The conifer range has 5 layouts to choose from, all with options to change your seating arrangement, or bed layout. If you want to see more of the outback, they also offer their Adventure pack upgrade to give you that little extra toughness.

Caravans not for you, the choose from the camper range with 5 layouts to choose from, even and ensuite.



The Willow RV range has been developed by our team of experienced design engineers. When creating a design, we use Solid Edge, the latest 3D computer technology that can fully assess the model for ergonomics, stress points and feasibility before proceeding to a prototype build. The contemporary modular design gives customers an extensive choice of feature options.